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ATEQ recommends the calibration of your instrument at least once a year.

Obviously, depending on your production rate, you may need to have it calibrated more often.

Throughout the year, you can manually check the calibration using our calibrated leaks or jets.

And if you need to check several instruments with different values we recommend that you use our award winning Leak Flow calibrator.
However we recommend that at least once a year, one of our technician recalibrates the instruments’ transducers, so your device
remains traceable to international standards.

Regardless of how often you decide to have it recalibrated, ATEQ’s own technicians are there to carry out this calibration on site or in our service centres throughout the world.
Maintenance :

As a result of our patented pressurised valve system ATEQ’s instruments are the most reliable on the market.

New customers, who have previously used other manufacturers’ equipment, wonder why valves in ATEQ’s instruments do not get stuck.

Here is why:
But there is a limit to what our valves can handle, so we advise our customers to keep their test air clean and dry. If dirty parts need to be tested, we also recommend an external dumping valve. This ensures that contaminated air does not travel back into the instrument’s internal chambers.