ATEQ LFC Leaks Jets
ATEQ LFC laboratory

At last, a reliable instrument dedicated to calibration and traceable to international standards.


What is it?

The Leak/Flow Calibrator allows the checking of the calibration of leak and flow measurement instruments as well as calibrated leaks and jets.

This portable, compact and user-friendly instrument lets you adjust very accurately your leak or flow rate with a real time reading on the display. You can adjust any leak or flow rate within your measuring range, store test results and export them to an Excel spreadsheet.

Learning how to use it is also very simple and straight forward.

You can now guarantee the quality of your products, whilst also complying with the requirements of standards such as ISO 9000.

Calibration of leak & flow testers
Capability study of leak & flow test machines
Fixturing design check
Calibration of calibrated leak & jets
Laboratory & chromatography


F = Flow
Leak 1*
2 ml/min
± (2.5% of F + 0.003 ml/min)
0.001 ml/min
Leak 2*
20 ml/min
± (2.5% of F + 0.03 ml/min)
0.01 ml/min
Leak 3*
200 ml/min
± (2.5% of F + 0.3 ml/min)
0.1 ml/min
Leak 4*
2000 ml/min
± (2.5% of F + 3 ml/min)
1 ml/min
Leak 5* (OPTIONAL)
20 000 ml/min
± (2.5% of F + 30 ml/min)
10 ml/min
Leak 6* (OPTIONAL)
4000 l/h
± (2.5% of F + 6 ml/min)
2 ml/min
Leak 7* (OPTIONAL)
10 000 l/h
± (2.5% of F + 15 ml/min)
5 ml/min
vacuum to 10 bar
± (1.5% of F + 15 hPa)
0.003 bar
ATM Pressure
950 to 1050 mbar
± 1% of D + 3 digits
1 mbar
+ 15 to + 35°
1 %
0.1 °C


This is what the LFC is all about.
One single instrument to calibrate a multitude of Leak or Flow rates with top of the range accuracy.

But best of all, all these values are traceable to international standards, thanks to our calibration lab recognised by COFRAC.



Measurement principle

The Leak/Flow Calibrator is a multi-range flow meter measuring the flow using a combination of a laminar flow element and our award winning differential transducer.

The transducer measures the pressure drop over the calibrated laminar flow tube with an accuracy of 1 Pascal (0.000145 PSI).

This pressure difference is directly proportional to the flow of the gas that goes through the tube and thus converted into a flow unit.

Portable device :

Weighing only 3 Kg (6.6 lbs) and totally portable (H x W x D : 345 x 192 x 85 mm), you can take your LFC everywhere.

Delivered in an industrial case with all its accessories, the LFC uses a battery that can last 5 hours.