" 35 years ago, ATEQ was built on a vision that made us the number one leak testing company in the world:


30 years later, it surprises me that we are still the only one in this industry to think that way especially since this vision has propelled us as the reference in the industry with the largest customer base.


Following ATEQ's acquisition of OMICRON, a 15 years leader in Pitot Static Testers for the aerospace and defense industry, we are delighted to apply our international vision to this new product line. "


ATEQ was founded in 1975 with the vision of replacing all the traditional production line leak detection methods like water testing with computerised leak testers that were:

- fully automated
- calibrated and traceable to international quality standards
- fast
- using dry and clean air testing

From the initial successes in Western Europe, ATEQ built a unique international network with its own offices and its own sales and service engineers in more than 20 countries.

35 years later, here are ATEQ's achievements:

- More than 5000 customer references including large multinational companies such as Toyota, GM, Baxter, Sony, HP, ...etc

- More than 65 000 instruments sold and serviced in 32 countries.

- 3200 instruments sold every year. This is more than any of our nearest competitors and probably more than all of them combined.

- 21 wholly owned ATEQ subsidiaries spread across the most developed countries in the world, plus 12 specialised local representatives the combination of which covers virtually all industrialised parts of the world.

- We are also the only leak testing company to sell and service instruments everywhere.


What also made ATEQ achieve this was its commitment to R&D spending that is still unmatched in its field.

More than 30 engineers work all year long to improve the measurement quality of ATEQ's leak detection systems and that is more engineers than any of our competitors.