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AX6000, portable milliohmmeter:

The right solution for bonding resistance measurement according to all current aircraft specifications on plane, helicopter, rocket, army vehicles for both production and maintenance.
A very easy-to-use and versatile instrument, for applications requiring up to 10 A measurement current.
Its ergonomics allow the user to use it either placed on the ground or across one’s shoulder or chest.
A wide back-lit LCD display combined with an intuitive keyboard ensures simple and easy operation.

Main Features:

♦ 3 measurement ranges:
0.1 A - 1 A and 10 A

♦ IP 54 protection

♦ Resistance measurement from:

6 mW to 6 W

♦ Internal memory:

2 Go

♦ Connection USB port for:

- Parameters setting
- Save / restitution parameters
- Instrument cloning
- Software updating
- Results downloading

4 Jaeger locking system

2 USB ports

♦ Signal

- Measurement threshold adjustable
- Visual (red/green leds) and audible signal for results

♦ Battery

- 12VDC 4400 mA/h Lithium Polymer technology
- Easy removable battery pack
- 3 hours charging time with the external charger


♦ Auto mode with 32 programmable test sequences


Applications: All aircrafts
Measurement Ranges:
Principle of measurement:
In order to make low resistance
measurement with high precision, the AX6000 uses the 4-wire Kelvin
- 2 wires are used to connect a constant current source to the resistance to be measured.
- 2 additional wires are used to measure the difference of potential directly to the terminals of the device
under test.
- With this method, the resistance of the measuring leads does not introduce any error.


Technical specifications:
Weight: < 2 kg
Dimensions in mm : H 240 x D 120 x W 210

Transport case

Bag for AX6000

kelvin tips

Additional battery

Additional battery charger

Extension cable

See accessories for full detailed list

International Standards
Complies with:
CE: 61010-1
CEM: 61326-1 and 55011
Operating : 0°C to + 50°C
Storage : -20°C to + 60°C
Relative humidity < 30% none condensing
Portable instrument which can be used on the ground or across
one’s shoulder or chest.