ATEQ-Omicron Pitot Static tester range can be used on every flying objects which need speed, altitude and vertical speed information.
• Civil planes
• Business planes
• Tourism planes
• Military planes
• Glider
• Helicopters (military or civil)
• ...




In workshop, the Pitot Static tester is used by technicians who manufacture, repair and verify on board equipments.

For Aircraft direct control, Pitot Static testers are used by workshop in charge of fly decks electricity. The electricity technicians use those testers because they are in charge of all fly deck equipments, especially electrical ones, but some equipments (altimeter, air speed indicators,...) are linked with Ps and Pt channels.
These technicians are not pressure specialists. Nevertheless they occasionaly need a Pitot Static tester. So, the Pitot Static tester must be simple to use (help manual on screen, prevention of bad uses, understandable languages,...).


Typical customers for our Pitot Static tester range are:
• On-board equipments manufacturers,
• On-board equipments repairers,
• On-board equipments maintenance centres,
• Aircraft manufacturers,
• Aircraft repairers,
• Aircraft maintenance centres,
• The stop stations,
• Airline,
• Reunion of flying clubs,
• Army.


Here is a list of some of our main customers:
• French Air Force
• Air France
• Airbus
• Eurocopter,
• Brit Air,
• Pilatus,
• Socata
• Air Liquide,
• Air Nostrum,
• Thales,
• IMA,
• Satory,
• Air Précision
• Aerac,
• Aeroflot,

• Bayo